Researcher and Critical Essayist on Intersubjectivity, Art History, Philosophy, Phenomenology, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Social History, and Linguistics. American University, Honors Program, Fulbright, Pharmakon. Social History of Bulgarian Psychiatry, Paul Cezanne, Henri Bergson, Freud, Winnicott, Klein, Ogden, Lacan, Rafi Chehirian, Rafi Chehirian Book, Rafi Chehirian Painting, The Outing Club, Bulgarian psychoanalysis, history of bulgarian psychology. Undergraduate thesis project produced during my time at American University. “Intersubjectivity, not Inter-Subjectivity” studies the origins of human intersubjective experience in analysis of western psycho-developmental discourse.

Jointly supervised by Dr. Jane Flax (AU Philosophy Department) and Dr. Wilfried Ver Eecke (Georgetown Philosophy Department).

Proposal for Interdisciplinary Major. Purpose: to formalize an interdepartmental major and to argue for its purpose within the scope of a liberal arts education. Enframing the Human (Critical Study of Philosophy, Social History, Art History) examines major disciplinary currents in the humanities with the aim of understanding their prisms in relation to other vantage points for knowing. Analyzes the way in which the framing of these ‘disciplines’ forms a parallel to the basic human activity of enframing experience, on a continuum from the basic parameter of the ‘self’ to more external frameworks (i.e. historical, political, linguistic, anthropological) for human understanding. Proposal for a a Fulbright Research Grant in Bulgaria. Study examines consequences of the 34-year imposition of a Soviet model of psychiatry in Bulgaria. Modeled on successful research in former Eastern Bloc countries, this project combines oral history methods and archival research to investigate the Soviet model’s propagation in the Bulgarian environment. I present scholarship on Cézanne’s artistic process by George Hamilton, Meyer Schapiro and Joyce Medina in order to analyze his reconstitution of Space (as occurring in Time) in several paintings of his late period: “Le Bay from L’Estaque” (1886), “Chestnut Trees at Jas de Bouffan” (1885),and “Mont Sainte Victoire” (1904). I argue that the ingenuity of Cézanne’s artistic representation of Space “in-duration” coincides with and is contemporary to a post Kantian reconstitution of Space introduced by the French philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941), according to whom Space is experienced by Consciousness only in Duration (Time).