This is my undergraduate major at American University. The proposal was evaluated and approved by an interdisciplinary Faculty Senate Committee. The disciplinary trajectories represented are Philosophy, Social History, and Art History. My study of Philosophy evolved in the direction of Philosophy of Mind and ultimately funneled into a focus on psychoanalytic discourse.


Enframing the Human (Critical Study of Philosophy, Social History, Art History)

Description: This course of study examines—within the limits of an undergraduate course of study—major disciplinary currents in the humanities with the aim of understanding their prisms in relation to other vantage points for knowing. Analyzes the way in which the framing of these ‘disciplines’ forms a parallel to the basic human activity of enframing experience, on a continuum from the basic parameter of the ‘self’ to more external frameworks (i.e. historical, political, linguistic, anthropological) for human understanding.

Enframing the Human: Proposal (PDF)