This book is an effort to gather reflections on Rafi Chehirian, written by people who knew him in different ways, times, and places, on pages illustrated with his own drawings. Moreover, this book is an attempt to create something that reflects his life and his characteristic effect on those around him.

Our deepest gratitude to all who put their thought and effort into this creative process, beginning with Anna Sofianides, who is the impetus behind it all; Rumyana and Ivan Ivanov, who took care of the translitartion into Cyrillic from Latin letters; Emma Tahmizian and Dessi Kissilenko, for their moving translations; Misha Georgieva for her impassioned and imaginative design of this book.

We would like to express our gratitude to our dear friends Eva and Borimir Darakchievi, Anna and Tom Sofianides, Rumiana and Ivan Ivanovi, Maria Spassova, Nassya Kralevska and Aaron Owens, Elena and Garo Chehirian, and Dessi and Anri Kissilenko, whose material support made the realization of this book possible.

By placing the book within Rafi Chehirian’s artistic universe, we hope to have included him in the conversation.


Rafi Chehirian (Book)