Multi-Media project with my friend Emmett McGregor for a course on Michel Foucault at American University. An Ethical Question, for Foucault, is  one that asks: “how will we live?”. If we accept that truth and intelligibility are produced by discourses and the domains within which those discourses are produced (rather than being rooted in essential truths), our agency becomes a critical toolset. If we accept this, it also follows that our conception of subjectivity is remodulated. One’s subjectivity is not who-they-are, but rather, what-they-do; how they constitute themselves through practices. How will we practice? In three experiments, Emmett and I examine the rituals and practices of Secular Shaman and Transgressive Cartographer. They are conveyed through Text, Video, Audio, and Imagery. 

Thought Practices Multimedia Project